Frequently Ask Questions and Answers

  1. What are you going to do with all the construction workers coming in and out?

We would like to assure you that worker movements are restricted within their project compound and they come into the estate through a different entry. All the temperature checks and health checks are in place at the entrance and within the site. We ensure cross-contamination to the estate from the construction workers are mitigated with proper regulations set out for them to control their movements.

  1. Why are the Pool and Gym close?

The Pool and Gym are, places which pose the highest risk of contamination. As we know, COVID-19 virus can stay on hard surfaces for more than 24hrs and we want to make sure that our common facilities don’t become the biggest threat to our community. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience and we hope you understand and cooperate with us. This virus is highly contagious, and we would like to make sure our community of 2,500 residents are safe.

We understand you may have a valid pass for the Gym and we will extend your validity after the crisis is over when we reopen our gym and pool.

Even if only 2 people out of the 2,500 may go to the gym, however, 2 people can also cross- contaminate all other areas of the estate if they were exposed to highly contagious surfaces and are allowed to go back to access all other common areas of the estate. Again, we would like to apologize for any disruption we may have caused.

  1. Why is the Golf Course close to strollers?

Due to several interruptions result from the few residents’ access in the golf course it has come to our attention that stricter measures are required to control residents passing by in the golf course which includes children, pets and non-English speakers without paying attention to the danger of golf balls and the hazards. We are sorry to hear about our residents having not able to enjoy jogging in this beautiful golf course for the time being. We would like to assure you that we will look at it to review how we can reduce the danger poses to the residents as well as to entertain evening joggings. As this measure came in time during the preventive measures taken at level 1 COVID-19 response, we do hope everyone stays safe and stays home as much as possible. Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding.

  1. Why is there no housekeeping?

We have reduced the frequency of housekeeping services drastically. This is to limit exposure for our staff to control the chances of contamination to your home and vice versa.

We understand your contract comes with housekeeping service or if you have paid for it in advance we will remedy with the services when it is safe to resume to offset the payment you have made for such a missed period.

  1. Why is there a reduction of staff in the estate?

We would like to assure you that your safety is our priority. We have reduced the attendance of half of our service staffs and they will be attending in rotating duty in order to prevent any potential cross-contamination and to reduce unnecessary social contacts. Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.

Although there was a reduction of staff in supporting departments like admin and finance, we increase manpower in Security Personnel, to ensure maximum safety during this period.

  1. What will happen if the temperature taken is above the normal range at the Entrance?

When a temperature check at the entrance is recorded that you have a higher temperature than the normal range, you will be asked to wait 2mins and will be rechecked. If your temperature is still above normal range after our 2nd check, you will be given a mask to protect yourself and you will be escorted to the fever room set up in front of our Pun Hlaing clinic. Our Clinic will monitor your health at the fever room and will do necessary measures either to inform the local authority or to advise you to go back home for self-isolation. Our medical staff will be able to give you better advice on your condition and preventive measures you should be taking.

  1. Why do I have to tell you who visit my home?

This is to minimize the potential chance of virus spread into our estate as much as possible. If we were to know the visitor list that have visited our estate, we will be able to do contact tracing and come up with preventive measures to isolate the household should there be an outbreak.

  1. What if we run out of food?

At this point, City Mart remains open until the government issue any orders to restrict the operation. We have also arranged for Metro, our Partner, to do door to door delivery exclusively for StarCity residents. We encourage you to prepare for a possible lockdown.

  1. What if Someone gets infected in the Estate? 

We are working closely with relevant authorities and following the directions and procedures of the Ministry of Health and Sports. Should there be any cases identified, the estate will be closed off and.  we will follow government procedures to handle such situations accordingly.

Here is a pamphlet for you to know how to trace contact and when to self-isolate.

  1. What about the Staff Quarters? Do we need to worry about them?

We have placed new regulations at the staff quarters for regular cleaning and disinfecting of the area. We have installed washbasins at every entrance of the staff quarter, and staff are asked to wash their hands whenever they go in/out of the quarters. COVID-19 educational talks have been given to them so that they are better prepared and are knowledgeable on how to follow preventive measures. Temperature is taken for everybody, twice a day every day. Quarters are disinfected daily with the recommended disinfectant spray. Staff are not allowed to stroll in the estate without work-related reasons.

  1. What about the Taxis (Oway, City Taxi, Grab and Private) going in/out of StarCity?

We have implemented a regulation in which the drivers are not allowed to get in/out of the car. They can only drop off passengers or pick up passengers. They are subject to temperature checks at the entrance as well.

At level 2 we will not be allowing taxis to come into the estate.