Dear Residents,

We hope you are aware of the rising number of COVID-19 cases across Yangon and unfortunately some of the cases are found in the nearby townships which is quite alarming for the health and wellbeing of everyone living in Star City.

However, the risk of virus spread can be reduced if we exercise vigilant precautions as recommended by WHO and local health authorities. We would like to acknowledge and thank all StarCity residents for your cooperation so far. For the coming few weeks we are going to strengthen the mitigation measures and implement restrictions on external visitors into the
Estate as per the following procedures.

Visitor Restriction Procedures:
1. The procedure will come into full effect starting Friday 24th April 2020.
2. Entry to StarCity will be only be allowed to current Residents, Household Helpers and Drivers who have a valid Access Pass.
3. Please do not invite Friends and/or Visitors to your homes during this period.
4. No external Shoppers or Guests will be allowed in.
5. Essential deliveries (food, water, gas) and home repair staff are exempted until further notice.
6. All Residents are to wear mask outside of home at all time.

Please note that the Estate Management team is working closely with the governing authorities to implement all measures as directed. Our priority will always be the safety of our residents.

Do not hesitate to write to us any specific concerns and clarification you may have to We will also be communicating with you regularly with information and updates through our official communication channels.

StarCity Management