Company Information

FMI was one of the earliest public companies formed following the adoption of the market economy and the promulgation of the Myanmar Investment Law in 1990. Established in 1992, it became an instant success with local investors hungry for professional investment management and sound diversity. On March 25, 2016 FMI became the first company to be listed on the Yangon Stock Exchange. FMI’s strength lies not only in its strategic diversification, but also in its professional management, stringent corporate governance and transparency. FMI’s Board strictly adheres to corporate rules and acts independently to ensure proper conduct.

FMI’s current focus is on its ‘three pillar’ strategy of investing in the Financial Services, Real Estate and Healthcare sectors, while remaining open to strategic opportunities in other growth industries. With an unbroken track record of profitability and dividend payments since inception, FMI is one of Myanmar’s most successful companies. FMI employs approximately 3,355 persons on a consolidated basis, 19 of whom are located at FMI’s corporate headquarters. Approximately 56% or 1,878 of our employees are female with the remaining 44% or 1,477 being male.

Affiliation with SPA and Yoma

FMI works closely with our sister companies Serge Pun & Associates (SPA) and Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd. All three companies are chaired by U Theim Wai @ Serge Pun, and are often involved in the same projects. While FMI is a Myanmar public company with thousands of shareholders, SPA is privately held. Yoma Strategic Holdings is a public company listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX). To learn more about SPA and Yoma, please see their individual websites: |

Mission Statement

Our Customers

We will provide customer satisfaction through the delivery of our SPA Star Quality Service that is consistent, fair and sincere. We shall never forget that the “Customer” is the reason we exist and that only with service that comes from the heart can we expect more customers tomorrow.

Our Shareholders

The motivation of our work will be focused on maximising the returns for our shareholders. We value the trust that our shareholders have placed with us and we shall return their confidence with profits, earned with integrity, customer satisfaction and intelligent business skills.

Our Community

We care for our environment and for the community we work in. Due consideration will always be given to safeguarding our environment, saving our natural resources and providing benefits and assistance to the community in which we work in.

Our Employees

People will always be a vital resource in our organisation. Our employees will always be treated fairly and with respect. We consider Training and Human Resource Development as part of our Company’s goals and we shall try to develop staff to their highest potential to help them develop themselves to be more effective, productive and professional within the Company.

Employee Development

Our people are our most valuable asset. Training and Human Resource Development is a major part of our business philosophy. We help our staff to become more effective, productive and professional. We also make a strong effort to provide opportunities to deserving and qualified employees to assume greater responsibility. We welcome experienced individuals as well as young talents who are looking challenge themselves and further their careers. We also believe in cross-training employees to be capable in several different skills.

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)

FMI is committed to continual improvement in providing a safe and healthy work environment. We carry out regular risk assessments prior to, during and after the implementation of Group projects. These risk assessments are then reviewed, recorded, and monitored regularly. Trainings and briefings are conducted regularly to enhance awareness of OH&S practices. Regular safety inspections and roll outs are carried out by both the Risk Management Department and the Head of the OH&S Department. In addition, monthly OH&S security reports, which include information on accident records, health cases, safety training courses, and health campaigns, are reported to senior management. We establish, implement and maintain an effective occupational health and safety management program to achieve our overall objectives by: Anticipating and eliminating hazards to prevent personal injury/illness to employees or loss/damage to equipment and property. Ensuring a high level of compliance by adopting best practices and meeting applicable OH&S, legal and other requirements Training and educating employees and contractors to prevent accidents and injuries, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Looking into and implementing all reasonable measures to provide the best possible care in maintenance of our equipment and facilities.